About Tourette Expressions

The Inspiration

One of the challenges of having Tourette syndrome is the experience of being unable to relax when in public, or when around other people at all. We often feel misunderstood, judged, and feared.

The clothing and message of Tourette Expressions offers a creative way to let people know what’s going on with our ticcing. This can help ease some of the uncomfortable feelings of ticcing in public.

At the same time, the Tourette Expressions clothing and apparel helps spread awareness of Tourette syndrome. And the more people that know about Tourette’s, the easier it becomes for everyone.

The Creator

Hello, I am Craig Mollins and I have Tourette’s syndrome. For most of my life I’ve been seeking ways to ease my Tourette’s and find creative outlets. I started painting the Tourette Expressions as part of my explorations and learnings with Tourette’s, and one day in 2022 the idea for this project was born.

I am a long time meditator and student of Buddhism, and have studied Japanese Zen archery, and asian style spontaneous calligraphy. The Tourette expressions are very much informed by these contemplative disciplines.

The Artwork

The paintings are made with acrylic on acid free-paper, and are influenced by dance, the healing of body and mind, the practice of presence, and of course, the raw energy of Tourette’s.

They are created with a spontaneous, sudden style, and arise from a landing of paint-soaked brush on paper, without a particular shape or idea in mind other than to express the energies I feel in my body. Once the brush lands on the paper the expressions happen very fast, typically in less than one second.